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Vé Boisvert is mainly known for her whimsical and colourful abstract compositions. She was born in Hearst, Ontario and is now working from her studio in Quebec City. Drawing inspiration from nature, spirituality and music, the joyful essence of her paintings is what has drawn so many of us to them. The positive emotions radiating from her artworks are ever so present in her latest pieces. Galerie Bloom asked Vé Boisvert to share what inspired her while creating the three artworks below, just in time for spring!


Head Over Heels

After finishing this painting, I was “head over heels” with it! In life, I am easily “head over heels” with the simple pleasures of life. In our daily basis, I think it is important to fall in the love with the simplicity of life.

A Cake of Happiness

This artwork is like eating a cake it’s full of good colors, textures and lots of delightful flavors. The reason  why I paint is to put colors, light and joy to people’s house. The artwork ” A cake of Happiness” expresses the state of cheerfulness.

Lost in Contemplation

Lost in contemplation 40x60

I love to lose myself in contemplation. When our consciousness is lost in  the beauty of life, our soul is free. I think that art really portraits this feeling. This artwork is all about connecting with beauty and the present.


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