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There are many options available when it comes to investing. But did you know that art by Canadian painters can also be a very rewarding investment? In addition to offering all the advantages of other forms of investment, Canadian art has many added benefits.

This is why paintings by Canadian artists are ideal investment solutions.

Canadian art holds its value

Stock markets fluctuate daily, often many times a day. For the novice, buying a stock entails a high risk, since a few dollars decrease in the share price can be very costly. However, buying Canadian art is a much more stable investment, the value of which is not governed by stock exchange standards. Purchasing a Canadian painting is therefore a much safer and more sustainable investment.

Canadian art and tax deductions

The governments of Canada and Quebec recognize the importance of acquiring Canadian frescoes and encourage individuals or companies operating a business to do the same. Those who exhibit a work of art by a Canadian citizen or resident and display it in their workplace receive significant tax deductions. In these cases, the Quebec government offers a tax deduction of 33.33% of the cost of acquiring a work on a residual basis. The Government of Canada offers 20%. There are clear benefits to supporting local creators by acquiring their paintings.

Canadian artists, Canadian taxes

Beyond the tax deductions available, acquiring Canadian art also promotes a healthy economy. Being an artist is not just a passion or a hobby. Many Canadians are creators by profession. Buying a painting from this country means consuming local products. As a result, selecting a Canadian masterpiece means choosing to invest in the health of the national economy. Like any worker, the artist declares the income from the paintings he sells. By declaring his income, he pays taxes, which are used to finance national infrastructure and services.

Investing in the health of Canadian employees

However, there is another major aspect to be considered: the importance of art in people’s lives. A painting, whether it depicts a landscape or a portrait, is an artistic representation that communicates a sensitive emotion that greatly influences any individual. This is even more true when we think of art in the workplace. There is evidence that art reduces stress and improves employee performance. In addition, art stimulates interpersonal interaction through the discussions it generates. Abstract art, which does not represent subjects or objects from the natural world, is a good way to encourage discussion among employees. So, for more motivated employees and a closer-knit team, consider investing in Canadian paintings.

A Canadian painter’s art sold by an art master

For all its advantages, buying Canadian art is an investment that should not be made on a whim. It is better to buy paintings from reputable galleries, since only they can verify the origin and authenticity of the painting you are interested in.

Do not hesitate to discover all the works on our website and contact our gallery. Our team will be happy to provide you with valuable advice!

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