Sylvie Lajoie

Montreal artist Sylvie Lajoie has been using textiles for artistic purposes since 2009. Her studies in fashion design and visual arts led her to discover her favorite material. Her passion for textiles and thread inspires each of her projects.

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As a multidisciplinary visual artist, Sylvie Lajoie seeks to integrate craft techniques to contemporary art. Her large textile murals and embroidered drawings are the results of research that has transformed her studio into an experimental laboratory. The concept for her “thread drawings” was born from an interest in family photos. The use of photo, thread and paper defines her current approach to art.

Acrylic painting has become a natural part of her practice. Lajoie works on several mediums to create her abstractions including acrylic paper, Terraskin paper and canvas. She seeks to highlight the qualities of fiber in her work, while also creating visual harmony. In her artistic research, working with paper allows her to mix organic forms with colors that hold a personal meaning.