Sylvain Leblanc

Born in Grand-Mère, Mauricie, Sylvain Leblanc studied in art at Cégep de Sainte-Foy and graphic design at Ahuntsic College. A painter for more than 25 years, Sylvain Leblanc draws his inspiration from everyday life and his relationships with other human beings. His abstract, figurative images exude a feeling of serenity, prompting the viewer to think deeply about what lies behind them.

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Through his creative approach, Sylvain Leblanc invites the viewer into his world where the subject and everyday objects are intertwined – sometimes at a distance, sometimes closely together. ­The compositions – whether realistic, imaginary, grotesque or pleasing to the eye – are evidence of Leblanc’s intimate, artistic approach. His intense, dazzling colours are a counterpoint to the delicate lines of the people and objects that are the subject of his work.
​“I’m interested in the duality of human nature,” explains Leblanc. “It’s something that defines us, pulling us in opposite directions – forwards and backwards – but in the end, despite doubts and fears, leads us to accept ourselves, flaws and all.”

When he creates his art on wood panels or canvas, Sylvain Leblanc employs a range of materials and techniques. They include acrylic paint, lead pencils and image transfer.