Patrick Déziel

Patrick Déziel is a contemporary artist from Montreal. Having previously worked in the digital field, he shifted his artistic approach in 2019 towards the creation of elegant compositions made from raw materials.

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Born in 1973, Patrick lived his childhood in Pincourt, a small town in West Island of Montreal, Québec, Canada.  He is presently established in Montreal and works in a shared creative space.  He studied Graphic Arts and Design at CEGEP du Vieux-Montréal and Infographics at CEGEP Maisonneuve.  At the beginning of his professional career, he is very interested in illustrative arts and becomes a member of the Quebec Illustrators Association.  At this time, the Yves Laroche Gallery showed interest in representing him and his work.  His paintings were exposed in this gallery from 1996 to 1999. These were the years of the web revolution of communications and it changed Patrick’s professional ambitions.  He devoted all his time to web art direction.  This experience allowed him to supervise multidisciplinary teams and realize many major projects, some of which received national and international honors.  In 2019, he initiated a change of career and decided to return to non-digital visual arts.