Marie-France Boisvert

Born in Saguenay-Lac St-Jean, Marie-France Boisvert capitalizes more than twenty years of experience as a painter and a sculptress. In 1997, she obtained a bachelor in Design from Laval University in Quebec City and in 2004, she completed another bachelor in Interdisciplinary sculpture at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi. Finally, in 2008, she confirmed her artistic approach with a master's degree in Creation from the same university. Now working in Montreal, Marie-France Boisvert continues with the same enthusiasm to accumulate awards, mentions and peer recognition with exhibits in Canada, the United States and Europe.

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Marie-France Boisvert’s work involves expressing her state of mind and feelings, which includes her responses to the changing face of this world. Through the interaction of her medium, the artist walks towards a destination that she may not know but that she recognizes when she arrives there.

Anonymous characters, children’s games, synesthesias of animal figures, Boisvert is inspired by the metaphor to describe how people interact with each other and with their environment. In his work, the artist stages an analogy between the ephemeral and suspended time, between perception and emotion, placing the viewer as the witness of symbolic moments.