Marianne H. Nielsen

Marianne H. Nielsen’s bold and expressive abstract paintings are a dance of energies and emotions.

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Marianne H. Nielsen turned to painting many years ago as a way to relieve the stresses of daily life, finding an outlet for expression. Painting in many layers, each layer adding to the story. Using predominantly sponges to bring movement, texture and marks to her art, each layer is pushed, pulled, and blended to achieve a harmonious finish.

While seemingly non-representational, Marianne H. Nielsen’s work explores the patterns, colours and movement found in nature, the elements, and the galaxy. Clouds, rain, stars and more make an appearance, carrying with them the emotions associated with each. Music plays a large role in her daily practice, influencing the fluidity and movement of her art.

Her ultimate goal is to create a dreamland full of emotion, with hints of representation that resonate with her audience, and allows them to find their own imaginative imagery and feeling.

Marianne lives in a small township outside of Ottawa, ON. She paints from her home studio overlooking a forest. Her artwork can be found in private collections across Canada and North America, Europe, Australia and South Africa.