Luce Sanacore

Luce Sanacore is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who grew up in Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. Pastels and brushes are for a continuous extension of her expressive movements, giving rise to still lifes with soft and romantic colours.

Born in 1965, Luce Sanacore is a multidisciplinary artist living in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. Born into a family of artists, her mother was a painter and her brother was a musician, Luce was immersed in a creative world at an early age. Initially, she was very involved in the world of ballet and jazz ballet, and it was not until age 24 that she would focus on the visual arts as a result of a traumatic event, the death of her father. This tragedy gave her the opportunity to get lost in creating and exploring her inner self, by turning a difficult period of her life into visual beauty. “It was an emotional release as well as a great discovery. Since then, I have never ceased to experiment with different forms of media”, she explains.
For Luce Sanacore, colour and material are of prime importance. She often begins her paintings in acrylic, and is guided by her creative instincts of the moment. She then continues adding charcoal and pastel, also incorporating paper and bits of tissue spontaneously, using any material or medium she can get her hands on. With these experimental techniques, she creates abstract, as well as figurative paintings. “In my paintings, I am mainly looking to explore colour and light, and the moods they suggest. My main influences come from the Impressionist movement, which I still admire to this day. ”

Her pulsating creativity offers us rich, warm and inviting scenes. The relationship between people and nature, is precisely what provides a main source of inspiration for the artist. “Painting is a way for me to externalize my admiration and respect for life in all its forms.”