Jerzy Werbel

Jerzy Werbel is born in 1955 in Szczecin, Poland. He attended the University of Education and Art of Poland, where his career as a painter began. After several years of developing work he decided to embark on a drastic resettlement to Canada by way of going through Germany.



After a considerably difficult move, he established a studio space in the South West Region of Ontario. During this time, he developed a noteworthy perspective of his newly acquired homeland. Over the next 20 years, Jerzy travelled across Canada, indulging in the lush visual landscapes of freedom. Jerzy currently continues his travels though a land he now calls his own.

” At first glance our land is a seemingly peaceful utopia. Its violent nature of constant evolution is so subtle to the eye, it is often overlooked. Our land is a burial ground, a place of birth, a land of continued installation. I admire the static illusion our landscape represents hence obsessively continuing to document its latest installment. “