Erica Dornbusch

Erica Dornbusch is a painter from Ontario, Canada. She is dedicated to paint the essence and natural feverishness of landscapes and flora despite her impending visual loss. Her works depict undulating forms of the sacred life of the universe.

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Born in 1965 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Erica Dornbusch studied at Sheridan College, Toronto and lives in London, Canada where she paints full time, creating work that intuitively portrays the energy, palette and essence of people and landscapes.

Erica had a long career in the commercial design and illustration field, creating award-winning work for billboards, T-shirts, posters, magazines, brochures, annual reports, children’s books and more.

As a visually impaired artist facing further loss of vision, Erica is narrowing her focus and refining her field of scope. Feeling she only has so much time to put paint on canvas, she is committed to doing that solely until she can’t in the same way any longer. Then she will find different ways to do the same thing.

As an acrylic painter, she creates abstract expressionistic paintings that visually narrate lives, sacred places, foundational quotes and symbols.

” My current work intuitively portrays the energy, palette and essence of people and landscapes. I believe that the more I make expressions of my vision using my own voice and describe the unfolding story on my own terms, the more powerfully resonant my work becomes.

I hope you feel the magic of a deep and meaningful connection to yourself in my work. I hope you sense a sacred life energy, the hum of the universe at work, and your own joy and essence reflected.

I studied at Sheridan College, Toronto and live in London, Canada where I am busy creating a joyful art narrative, moment by moment and continuing my habit of life-long learning and spiritual study. ”