Cobie Cruz

Cobie Cruz was born in Manila, Philippines into a family of artists. He started his career in advertising as an art director and then became a TV commercial director before starting to paint professionally. Cobie Cruz participated in several group and solo exhibitions before migrating with his family to Canada in 2005. Cobie's paintings are an exploration of composition, colour and texture. The bold and purposeful brush strokes are created by both purpose and spontaneity and reflect his interpretation of the world that surrounds him.

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Artist Statement
“I begin on a blank canvas without a preconception of the final outcome. I allow things to develop according to my thoughts, feelings and moods and how these shift and change as my painting begins to unfold.
I don’t start with a colour order, but find the colours as I go. The whole business of spotting the small areas of color in the canvas, how the edges meet, how accidents are controlled—-all these things fascinate me.
The colours in my paintings are juxtaposed to support and contrast. They are chosen to evoke thoughts and emotions.

I don’t fear change throughout the process. Images are often altered, destroyed, erased and even returned as I feel my way to the best way to bring a painting to life. I call this stage in my process – “push and pull”. My challenge is to constantly push myself and test the limits of my imagination in the hope of creating impressions that are distinctly mine.”