Carole Malcolm

Carole Malcolm is a painter who grew up in Moncton, New Brunswick and now lives in Ontario, Canada. Her realistic works recreate the impressions and atmospheres of the landscapes of her childhood, where nature was resplendent.

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Born in 1958 and raised in a rural area outside of Moncton, New Brunswick, Carole Malcolm has been drawing and painting ever since she can remember. Growing up, her family spent weekends and vacations camping along the beaches and rivers throughout the Atlantic Provinces, Quebec and Ontario, her dad an avid fly fisherman and her mom a nature lover who grew up on a farm in Quebec.

Carole Malcolm couldn’t wait to get out of the Maritimes because she thought the pace of life was too slow, the towns too small and imagined that the grass had to be greener everywhere else.
Now that she has explored other parts of the world and has a better sense of how fortunate she has been, those are exactly the things she cherishes most. Now revisiting these places as an artist , these memories continue to influence work along with the process of gathering reference material, sketching or painting on location and creating the final paintings in her studio.
Her newest series of work on canvas and paper have evolved out of a continued interest in the natural landscape. Carole Malcolm painted for years as a watercolorist before discovering liquid acrylics. The transition from watercolor to acrylic was seamless since many of the same techniques apply. Carole prepares her canvas with several coats of gesso with added mediums to build up a textured painting surface. After wetting the canvas, many washes of color are applied by pouring, spattering, rubbing and dry brushing as she progresses toward completion using grand washes in the beginning and ending with smaller painterly strokes. Her work has evolved from aspiring to create realism toward focusing on a more romantic construction of simple elements. Carole Malcolm enjoys working where not every step is planned and controlled, exploring the impression of a landscape while inviting the viewer to share a pause in everyday things and the memories that it triggers in their own selves.